CODE Magazine Special for PyCon 2010 Attendees

I got an email from Catherine Devlin – PyCon’s Publicity Pythonista Extraordinaire – for you .NET people who may be going to PyCon. So… check this out:

.NET’s Dynamic Language Runtime has brought new prominence to the role of .NET dynamic languages like IronPython, and many .NET programmers are looking for ways to get up-to-date on this growing aspect of the .NET environment. PyCon, the world’s largest conference of Python and IronPython programmers, is an unparalleled learning opportunity. For $450 or less, attendees can spend an entire week learning from and working with Python and IronPython programmers from raw beginners to the creators of Python and IronPython themselves.
This year, PyCon offers a bonus to .NET programmers – a free one-year subscription to CODE magazine, the leading independent .NET resource.
PyCon 2010 runs Feb. 17-25 in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference includes five tracks of standard talks, plus Open Spaces, Lightning Talks, hands-on lab, exhibit hall, and poster sessions. Feb. 17-18 are set aside for twenty-four intensive, half-day tutorials. PyCon’s development sprints run Feb. 22-25, in which ordinary attendees work together with project leaders to cooperate on extending and improving Python, IronPython, or their own favorite libraries and projects.
IronPython, a full-powered .NET implementation of Python, lets .NET programmers easily use dynamic language capabilities in their .NET environments. An brief review of IronPython’s benefits for .NET programmers is at
Early-bird registration (through January 6) is just $450, and further discounts are available for students and attendees without employer support.
For information and to register, see To claim your free subscription to CODE, use this coupon code during registration:
(If you’ve already registered for PyCon, signup for a CODE subscription will be available at the conference.)
See you in Atlanta!


Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it to PyCon this year due to scheduling conflicts. However, if you are dabbling with Python, want to know more about IronPython or other implementations of Python., or just want to meet others who are working with Python, I highly recommend that you check out PyCon 2010!


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