CodeMash v2.0.1.0 Recap, Part 2

In my previous post, I covered my Precompiler and Day 1 of talks experiences at CodeMash this year. However, I was there for the full conference, so let’s continue on with what I saw on Day 2.
IronPython for ASP.NET

Many of you know that there are two of us who typically speak on IronPython out here in the Heartland District – Darrell Hawley and myself. Neither of us were speaking this time around – we brought out Chris Sutton from Iowa. It was good to see that there was someone else interested in IronPython.
It was good to see an ASP.NET approach for IronPython – typically I see us presenting on client apps rather than web apps, so it was a different perspective. I was hoping to see more IronPython and ASP.NET together, but unfortunately, it was a lot of what I had already experimented with.
I know that Chris is trying to get IronPython working with ASP.NET MVC – this would definitely be an interesting angle. Next time around, I hope that the Python background is more brief and that there’s more content related to ASP.NET – or even something with MVC. Hearing Chris mention IronPython and ASP.NET did get me to look into it a little further, and I found the ASP.NET IronPython blog. So we’ll see where this goes.
Looting Design Ideas from WoW
Although I don’t talk about it much, I have returned to the World of Warcrack… er… Warcraft. After a 2 year break and finally finding my footing in public speaking and blogging, I returned to WoW. I fought the urge as best as I could, but when one of my friends asked if I’d go back if he went back, I knew I would give in and go back.
When I had heard that Jason Follas wanted to do a WoW talk at CodeMash, I was sold on it right away. Combine my love for gaming with my love for programming, and I had high hopes for this talk. Jaecynn, Jaesyn, and all of his other characters did not disappoint!
No, it wasn’t a 40-man raid or even a 5-man raid. Jason pointed out some of the great features of WoW and how we can apply them to our software. It was neat to see him point out how having shortcuts, in-game macro scripting abilities, and even a decent API can help. Unfortunately, I was more focused on the talk than on taking notes, so that’s about all I can say. If you play WoW and are a developer, I would recommend trying to get his slides or hear this talk to see how features in game can be applied to your real world apps.
Overall, I really enjoyed CodeMash v2.0.1.0. It’s introduced me to yet another programming language and has caused me to think about one that I work with as a hobby. Based on what I saw, I’m looking forward to enhancing my talks and further pursuing a topic that I thought I had lost the passion for. I got to see many friends – some who I haven’t seen since devLink or even earlier. It was great to finally meet some of my other Twitter followers in person – I look forward to gaming and hanging out with you guys in the future! I had a lot of fun attending sessions, and I’m glad to see others’ responses to the conference. I also enjoyed being able to spend time with my friends and their families, both at the conference and in the waterpark afterwards. Is it CodeMash yet?

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