A couple weeks ago, I spoke at a few user groups in southern Ohio – the Cincinnati Financial internal group, CINNUG, and Dayton .NET Developers Group.  I took my Python 101 for the .NET Developer talk on the road, getting the word out about Python and IronPython.

Just to answer some of the questions…


  • Scoping, classes, and functions: There were some questions about functions versus classes, and I know I had confused some people on that.  There was also a question about scoping in Python.  For more on classes, functions, and scoping, see part 9 of the Python tutorial.
  • The @ symbol: One of the guys in Dayton had asked what the @ symbol was – this is used as a decorator.  For more details on decorators and why they chose the @, see PEP 318 — Decorators for Functions and Methods.
The slide decks were made available to the group leaders, but if you want to see the slides, please contact me.
If you’re looking for the books I recommended, check out:



Hello World!  Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginners

ISBN: 1933988495


IronPython in Action

ISBN: 1-933988-33-9



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