While I was at the MVP Summit in February, I met some of my fellow MVPs who I follow on Twitter, including David Starr (@ElegantCoder).  I was sitting with a few of my friends from this region – including Jay R. Wren, Alan Stevens, Jennifer Marsman, and Carey Payette – at the farewell lunch, and David joined our table.  He had mentioned that he wanted to do a Women in Tech Pluralcast and had asked us if we were interested in it.  Carey and I had the opportunity to talk with David over Skype, and I think he really caught some of my perspectives on Women In Tech that I haven’t blogged about or talked about.

He also talked with other women for their perspectives as well – including some of the Devchix ladies and the Pluralsight Marketing Director who worked on MSDN and TechNet Magazine before getting in at Pluralsight.

It was great to talk with David – such an interesting guy!

Check out Pluralcast 13: Women in Technology to see what we had to say!

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