Computer Careers Represent in Best-Paying Jobs for Women

I came across this article on CNN about the 25 best-paying jobs for women, and I was pleased to see so many computer-related jobs on there.  Check this list out:


  • Computer software engineers
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Computer and mathematical occupations
  • Computer scientists and system analysts
  • Computer programmers
That’s 20% of the list!
Now yes, there’s definitely a salary gap.  Awhile back, I overheard some of my friends playing the numbers game – they have the same “job” in technology, but they come from different backgrounds.  While I would see them as equals, I was surprised to hear the obvious difference in their numbers.  Why is that?
I have to really wonder why the salary gap appears.  Granted, in our field, it’s not as big of a gap as say marketing or medicine.  But it’s still there.  When they do these statistics, are they really comparing apples to apples?  Or is it something else?  Are they or their bosses or whoever is going to bat for them when it comes to salary just not great negotiators?  What are your thoughts on why this salary gap exists?


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