Another WiT-related thought came across when I saw this retweet from datachick of this particular Saturday Morning Breakfast Comic (webcomic).

I couldn’t hook up my Cabbage Patch Kids, Sylvanian Families, or Barbies to the computer when I was a kid.  The closest I came to a futuristic girly doll was Astronaut Barbie.  We didn’t have Computer Engineer Barbie back in the day.

However, not all my girl toys were like that.  I still remember one

of my favorite toys from my childhood… my Legos.  And yes, the Pirates sets were always so cool looking and intrigued me, but deep down, as much as I liked playing with other sets, nothing Lego-wise kept me as happy as my Paradisa set.  Yes – a girly set with real Legos pieces… I had the joys of building things and taking them apart while enjoying girly settings.  They no longer make the Paradisa set, but they have Belville, which is still girly.

Hopefully there are more girl toys that encourage that engineering mindset now than there were when I was a kid.  That comic really hit home for me.

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