Note: This is not meant to be offensive in any way and is purely an interesting observation amongst guys in programming. where women shouldn’t be competing.

While I was reading some tweets this morning, I came across Kevin Mitchell‘s link to Unix beards.  Sorry, ladies… this something that we should not try to strive to compete with in our field. Even if you write in a bearded language, it probably isn’t worth it to try to compete.  I’m not sure you’d want the infamy that would come with that.  Python, now featuring the Bearded Lady … something doesn’t sound right with that…

Now I have to admit that Tamir Khason does have an interesting observation that popular languages are designed by guys with facial hair.  Check out that Unix beards link to see his observation.

I’m always amused when programming beards come up on Twitter – it seems ridiculous, but yet it cracks me up.  Then again, I was a little in disbelief and highly amused when I was at PyCon 2009 and they had a Beards of Python birds of a feather.

So tell me… do you think this guy might be onto something?  And if a woman designed a programming language, is the language doomed to fail because she can’t grow a beard?  (And I’m not saying women shouldn’t design a programming language – I honestly think that would be cool!  This was just a random thought that crossed my mind while looking at all of these beards.)

* Edited *

Ah yes… there’s the Grace Hopper factor.  She was the one behind COBOL, which succeeded despite her lack of a beard.  Thanks to Doug Philips for pointing this out!

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