Disclaimer: Although my work is related to the topic at hand, these are the thoughts of Sarah, the book junkie, and are not necessarily those of my employer.

Computerworld ran an article called “Beach Reads for Techies“, where execs talked of books they’re reading and books they’d recommend. I know some of you read something other than blogs… so I’m curious to see what others are reading. I’ll go first.

Currently reading: I’m recently finished “God’s Debris” by Scott Adams (recommended to me by Jeff). “The Religion War” – its sequel – just arrived from Amazon.com today.  

I had also recently finished some books by Malcolm Gladwell – specifically “Blink” and “Outliers“.

From the fictional side of things, I’ve finished a bunch of Janet Evanovich and James Patterson novels, looking forward to reading some Candace Bushnell stuff.

Text-delivery medium of choice: Ever since I got my Sony Reader Pocket Edition in February, it’s been more eBooks than dead-tree versions. Most of the books I check out are from my local libraries, but I also like getting the MEAP books from Manning.

Book(s) you’d most recommend to your blog readers: These books may not be technical, but they offer interesting perspectives on life and are written by characters who were key figures in my childhood. The titles I’m recommending – that I have on my bookshelf at work – are “It’s Not Easy Being Green And Other Things to Consider” by Jim Henson and “Seussisms” by Dr. Seuss.

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I know you guys read, so let’s see what you’re reading now.

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