Why Microsoft Connect Really, Really SUX

I swore I wasn’t going to write this post.  I figured I could just work this out via an email to support.  Oh but no… that’s not the case.  I need to share my feelings on Connect, as I know I’m not the only one who is finding this to be more of a burden than a great support tool.

Recently, I had blogged about the StringFormat issue in Silverlight.  I had been nagged to submit the bug against Silverlight, and so I logged into Connect to do it.  Imagine my frustration when I realized that their submit form doesn’t have a confirmation page.  I figured my session had timed out, so I retyped up the bug and resubmitted it.  Again, no confirmation page.  No confirmation email. Nothing.  … Until 12 hours later, when I get not one, but two confirmation emails.  Grr… Connect form confirmation SUX.  

But wait… there’s more.

So in those confirmation emails, I got link

s to the bugs.  I could see the bugs when I wasn’t logged in.  However, when I was logged in on my Live ID, the same ID I used to submit the bugs in the first place, I got “Page Not Found”.  Now wait a minute… I can see my bug when I’m not logged in, but when I’m logged in, I can’t see it?!  Strike two…

 And the icing on the cake…

Quoting directly from an email that I got from Microsoft Connect Help, with a guy who has “Microsoft Connect Team” in his signature…

You can see the bugs even when you are not logged in with your windows live id is because it is designed in such a way that even the nonregistered users can see the bug.

I already figured that I could see it while not logged in.  But how about addressing the original issue of not being able to see it while logged in?

I know I have other friends who are frustrated with the system as well.  I wouldn’t have blogged about it, but this close to three strikes and I have to talk about how much it SUX.

Microsoft Connect has A LOT of room to grow.  But if this is the way I need to report bugs in products, I’m sorry, products, but I have a tool that’s more headache and hassle than what it’s worth.  Look for your products in a future SUX post or an email if I have a contact to work with.

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