At the end of July, I had the opportunity to speak at PyOhio in Columbus, OH.  This was my second year picked to speak, and this year, I did everything I could to stay healthy, as I really wanted to be there this year.  (I missed my talks last year due to serious health issues.)

Both of my talks had low turnouts, which I expected.  IronPython doesn’t have a large following here, although it does have some people curious.  Also, to be fair, my second talk was scheduled against an entrepreneur panel with Eric Floehr, which would’ve been great to catch!

Overall, though, I really enjoyed the event.  It was great to see the regional Python community get together to talk Python and share their experiences.  I finally got to meet William McVey in person; he and I follow each other on Twitter and he had expressed interest in leading the Cincinnati Tech Events initiative.  And those AGI guys who kept appearing – you guys rock!

From what I’ve heard, the sprints went well.  Unfortunately, I had another conference the following week, so I had to miss out the sprints this year.

If you’re into Python and would travel to Ohio to talk with others on Python and write Python with others, PyOhio is definitely worth checking out!

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