Thanks, Guys!

Within the past year, I’ve become part of a fairly technical leadership team.  This team is mostly made up of males, as the teams we leaders lead are mostly males.  While talking with one of the other team members, I got an interesting perspective.  The guys’ body language can definitely send all sorts of messages, and while some positions – like resting their arms on the back of their heads – can be intimidating to some, I remain unfazed.  While they may be positions of power or dominance, I’ve run with guys enough and have seen them do this and still challenged them anyhow.

This is one of many things I’ve learned from dealing with guys in the industry.  I am very thankful to have guy friends who have taken me under their wing and taught me tricks of the trade that I can use to get ahead.  I like that they will sometimes challenge me – be it with a puzzle or a “you can’t do that” remark – and then I’ll show them why they were wrong for challenging me in the first place.  When I have a problem, I know that I can go to them to get an honest point of view, without the gender factor getting in the way.

My recent experiences and discussions with people make me more appreciative of the community that I’ve worked with and that has shown me how I can continue to strive to be towards the top of the pack in our industry.  So to all of you out there who’ve been there for me and helping me grow in my career, I just wanted to say thanks!

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