As I pack for the Microsoft MVP Summit, I think of all the experiences I had last year.  There’s an experience in general that got me thinking, and I have a challenge for all of the MVPs who are going out to the Summit.

Last year, I was sitting in the hotel lobby with some of my developer friends, and this MVP walks up to us and starts talking with us.  When we went around saying what our expertise was, he was the odd man out being the IT guy in a developer crowd.  His specialty was EBS.  The guy was nice to talk with, but I could tell that some of the others around me didn’t have a clue as to what he was talking about nor were they interested in talking with MVPs other than developer types.

So my challenge this year is this – meet MVPs who are outside of your expertise and even outside of your bigger picture grouping.  So developers – meet the platform MVPs, the IT Pro MVPs, the other MVPs out there who may not be a developer type.  And those who aren’t developer types, know that we developers aren’t always as grumpy as the stereotype puts us and meet us as well.

Take this challenge, learn about something other than your own expertise, and have fun!

You never know when you’ll meet someone outside of your regular circle who could lead you to greater opportunities and more open doors.

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