I am super excited by the people that I’ve met out here so far at the 2011 Microsoft MVP Summit.  As noted in a past post, I am challenging MVPs here to meet other MVPs outside of their normal topics.  For me, being a developer type MVP, the challenge would be to meet an IT MVP.  Now granted, for me, it isn’t so much of a challenge… and here’s why.

Even though I’m a developer, I also have done IT in my past, and I also have the advantage of being married to a super smart IT guy (who wants to become an MVP as well).  So when I met Martina Grom, an Office365 MVP, a couple “Windows Server IT Pro” MVP guys, and Adam Jacobs, a Lync MVP, I had a good idea as to what they’re talking about and what it’s like in their realm.  My husband has been excited about Office365 and Lync for awhile, so it helped that his excitement was there and that he explained those products to me properly.  (Yes, Office365 is more than just Office in the cloud.  There are other services as well.)

I am hoping I can meet some of the PowerShell guys while I’m out here – we’ll see if I can figure out how to make that happen.  For me, that would be cool to bridge the gap between software development and IT in that realm.

Outside of the PowerShell guys, I’d love to meet other MVPs from other expertises as well.  The networking out here is amazing, and it’s an invaluable experience out here.  I’ll talk more about my adventures when I get more time.

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