Sadukie’s MVP Challenge – Update 2

So here I am, day 3 of the 2011 Microsoft MVP Summit, and I’m still taking my challenge to heart.  I dropped my stuff off at a table this morning and grabbed my breakfast.  When I came back, there was another spot taken by stuff.  So the mystery began… who would I end up sitting with this morning?

Disclaimer: For those who don’t know about my friends teasing me, in retort for teasing Mike Eaton about something, he started the rumor that I’m a VBA expert for our region.  The rumor has exploded, but I am not a VBA expert.  While I have respect for the VBA experts and what they do, I rarely use VBA but I am comfortable with it.

Eventually, Gina Whipp, an Access MVP from my region who I hadn’t met before, sat down.  We got to talking about the community, and she mentioned that she couldn’t find anything on user groups in our area.  Ah… how fate would have it…. I told her about Cleveland Tech Events, the website I run back home to track over 50 technical user groups and other technical events that come our way.  Then, Jim Gordon, a Macintosh MVP, joined the table.  A few more Access MVPs joined us, and Chuck Husemann, an XBox MVP, also joined us.  Once Chuck left, more Access MVPs came in.  And yes, one of them – Scott Diamond – is an author on a VBA book.

It was interesting to talk with them about Access, Jet databases, and why Access is the better database tool (compared to… Excel?!?).  It was great to talk about tech I’m familiar with, even though I don’t use it everyday.

Today has started off with an interesting twist.  Looking forward to seeing where this will lead…


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