Read an E-Book Week – MEAP, MEAP!

Disclaimer: Although my work is related to the topic at hand, these are the thoughts of Sarah, the book junkie, and are not necessarily those of my employer.

Before I got an eBook reader, I would read eBooks – in EPUB and PDF formats – on my laptop and on my desktop with Adobe Digital Editions, which means that you don’t necessarily need to use an electronic eReader device to read eBooks.  I have to thank Manning Publications Co. for encouraging my interest in eBooks, as they had me review a couple titles for them – specifically IronPython in Action and Hello World! Computer Programming for Kids and Other Beginnersin PDF form.

Today’s topic is all about MEAP – the Manning Early Access Program. This is Manning’s program to allow readers to get early access to chapters of a book as soon as they become available.  It also allows the readers to interact with the author(s) via author forums.  Authors can make changes based on feedback from the MEAP readers.  When a chapter is updated, MEAP readers can get the latest updates as well.

MEAP books cost the same as an eBook or print book but get you access to the chapters early.  This feature alone caught my eye with Manning.  While I keep an eye on multiple tech publishers, I’m always curious to see what’s coming out through Manning’s MEAP program.

The MEAP books I’m debating on at the moment include:

MEAP, MEAP… check out the MEAP titles today!


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