Read an E-Book Week – O’Reilly, O RLY?

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This owl made its rounds long ago, but every time I hear “Oh really?”, this is one of the things I think of:


The other thing I think of when I hear “Oh really?” is O’Reilly.  Growing up in the techie realm, I simply adored O’Reilly’s books.  I looked forward to seeing what the next animal would be, as well as the next topic.  It wouldn’t be later in life, when my friend Jeff mentioned that he contributed to an O’Reilly book, that I would realize that not all O’Reilly books had animals.  But that still didn’t stop me from buying O’Reilly books.

My camel book (Perl) and rhino book (Javascript) have seen a lot of desks over the years.  In college, we used some O’Reilly books as our textbooks, and that made me happy to see that even my instructors had respect for O’Reilly books.

O’Reilly is another one of the publishers that fuels my love for eBooks.  From their O’Reilly Deal of the Day to the other deals for members (including a % off new editions or maybe a “buy x get x free” deal), there are plenty of deals for their titles in eBook format.  Add to it that their titles are DRM free – I can download my titles to any number of machines and devices.  Even better, when I purchase a title, I get the title in multiple eBook formats – including APK (Android), EPUB, PDF, Daisy (accessible), and Mobi (Mobipocket).  I don’t have to spend money on each format.

Here’s a sample of some of the books that I’ve purchased recently, thanks to some of O’Reilly’s many eBooks deals:

O'Reilly Titles

While flying home from the 2011 Microsoft MVP Summit, I read a few of the O’Reilly books – including Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton.  Reading this book gave me a look at the world of Wil Wheaton, including just how much of a geek he really is.  After spending most of a week with my geeky guy friends and their guy ways, this book grated on my nerves a little.  But that’s a good thing – it really captured Wil’s geekiness and his typical guy train of thought.  He really is just a geek.  Overall, it was a great read that I would recommend to Wil Wheaton fans.

Whether I want reference books or books by popular geek icons, I’m sure the O’Reilly site won’t let me down.  There’s a wealth of deals, over a wide variety of topics.  Publishers and imprints available on the O’Reilly site include O’Reilly, Microsoft Press, No Starch, Paraglyph, PC Publishing, Pragmatic, Rocky Nook, Sitepoint, TidBITS Publishing, and YoungJin.

So thank you, O’Reilly, for your great deals and for the DRM free eBooks!  Keep it up!


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