Disclaimer: Although my work is related to the topic at hand, these are the thoughts of Sarah, the book junkie, and are not necessarily those of my employer.

As a developer, I’ve always been a fan of those books with the red covers and the yellow text along the spine. Those would be the books from Wrox, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. When I wasn’t looking into O’Reilly titles, Wrox was the second publisher I’d go to. The more I settled into the development realm, Wrox became the first that I turned to.

In my day job as a web developer, I like having Wrox books on my desk as a reference, especially Professional C# 4.0 and .NET 4. While my physical bookshelf at work has all sorts of reference books, I also like that Wrox has eBooks available, not just at their store but also through public libraries and other retailers. This means that I can check out a book online and have it on my desktop at work as a reference for a couple weeks at a time (provided there isn’t a queue ahead of me). If there’s high enough of a demand and my library doesn’t stock the book well, then I could consider purchasing the eBook.

Besides being able to check Wrox books out at the library, the other thing that makes me smiley about Wiley is their Sybex imprint. When it comes to IT imprints, Sybex is the first I think of – their “Mastering” and “Instant Reference” books are great references to have. Sybex is also my publisher and has been a great company to work with. So of course they make me smiley!

These are just more technical publishers that I simply adore. Tomorrow, I’ll talk about a couple online services I have access to that get me my technical eBooks when I need a quick reference and know that these services reliably carry them. Stay tuned!

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