PowerShell Not your Father’s Command Line Part 1 of 31: Why PowerShell?

As stated in the intro post, we’re dedicating this month to PowerShell. Today, Matt is talking about “Why PowerShell?” As a developer with a mixed background – tech support (desktop and over the phone), spent a few years in IT doing system administration and database administration (with some developer duties as well), and returned to my developer roots as a web developer who just happens to love the IIS administration as much as writing the code – I’ve had to admit that I’ve fallen for PowerShell. As a developer, I like that I can take advantage of my programming background, my logical train of thought, and my understanding of APIs to extend PowerShell to do what I need it to do and what I want it to do. I can script out my deployments at work, making it easier for IT to deploy my code. And PowerShell, compared to many scripting languages that I’ve worked with, is easy to read. With commands like Start-Service, Stop-Website, Get-Command… the Verb-Noun pattern is easy to follow and tells you exactly what the command is doing. These are just a few of my reasons why I adore PowerShell. Matt has his, and you should read his post to see it even more as to why IT pros should care about PowerShell.

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