PowerShell Not Your Father’s Command Line…

Throughout this month, my amazing coauthor Matt Hester and I will be taking you on a journey through our favorite tool at the moment – PowerShell! We’ll cover some things that we talk about in our book that’s due out May 16th, in addition to some things that aren’t in the book but still make for great points. (And yes, we’re taking a page out of Jeff Blankenburg‘s book and writing a “31 Days” series.)

Originally, Matt titled the series “PowerShell Not Your Father’s Command Line”, but he caught wind of one of my goofy Facebook statuses (This one time, at a command prompt…) and I suggested we rename it to “This One Time in a PowerShell Session…”.

Edit on 5/3 – Looks like Matt’s IT influencers voted on the previous series name, so they’re going back to the Not Your Father’s title.

I will try to keep this list updated as we post our days. We hope you enjoy our series!

Get-Popcorn. Get-Soda. Get-Chair. Read-Series!

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