PowerShell Not your Father’s Command Line Part 10 of 31: PowerShell Protecting You From Yourself

Downloading PowerShell scripts from the Internet could be risky business if there were nefarious PowerShell scripters out there. Thankfully, there’s this thing called an execution policy that can protect us from running risky scripts when it is used properly. Today, Matt is writing about execution policies in PowerShell. Read it and understand it. You don’t want to run into trouble from a random PowerShell script.

If you find that you want to learn more on execution policies, be sure to check out:

Get-Help about_Execution_Policies

That help file has an extensive listing on execution policies, including covering the two policies (in addition to Restricted, AllSigned, RemoteSigned, and Unrestricted) that Matt didn’t mention (and with good reason). It also covers the precedence order in terms of group policies versus execution policies. It’s definitely worth the read if you’re in charge of securing your network and making sure that potentially dangerous scripts aren’t run haphazardly.

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