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For those of you wondering why I’ve been talking PowerShell so much lately, it’s because Matt Hester (IT Pro evangelist at Microsoft and all-around awesome guy) and I co-wrote a book on PowerShell. When we first started writing this book, I was just a tech editor, but he offered me a chance to write appendices. I didn’t realize how much work goes on behind the scenes, but all I can say is … wow! Our editors have editors, who also have more editors. There are a great amount of eyes on the book – special thanks to all of our editors at Wiley (the publisher of the Sybex imprint), especially to Agatha Kim, who puts up with Matt’s and my randomness! Also thanks to Dick Margulis, our developmental editor, who steered us the right direction and laughed with us along the way!

When I came home today, I found a box on my doorstep from Wiley. I knew it was either a random shipment of books for our local user groups or the real deal. As I cut through the tape on the box, I knew this was it, as Matt’s copies arrived at his house already. And sure enough… I have a book…

Sarah and her book!!!

As you can see, I’m a bit happy about this! I also received an email from Amazon this morning stating that my copy from there will be arriving on May 24, which is plenty of time for our book signing party at Buckeye Beer Engine in Lakewood, Ohio on Friday, May 27th. All are welcome to attend the book signing. We will have food and books and authors to sign the books. We will also be giving away some swag to those who RSVP online and attend the event. If you’re interested in RSVPing, see for your ticket. The event is FREE!

I hope you can come out and celebrate our book release, as Matt and I will be happy to sign books and greet all who attend!


  1. Tom Barnum

    Congratulations on your book. According to Google maps, it would be a 18 hour drive to get to the party, I think I will just have to have a copy sent to me. Too bad you don’t have a web cam set up for virtual attendies. We would have to bring our own food but maybe we could try for the swag, anyway best wishes.

  2. Brian Davis

    Congratulations! I’m very happy for you and I can’t wait to read it. See you at the book signing party.

  3. Oh, hey. Just clicked into Twitter for the first time in months and saw your mention. Thanks! And a belated congratulations on the birth of your book-baby.

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