While planning for devLINK this year, I figured that I’d get there a day early to meet up with friends for lunch, maybe catch a summit in the afternoon, and then head to the VIP dinner on Tuesday. Well some of that happened and some didn’t – for me, meeting up with friends started with meeting up with Kevin Griffin in Atlanta, before our flight from ATL to CHA. We had breakfast before our flight and then, once settled into the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel, we met up with friends and headed to The Terminal Brewhouse for lunch.

After catching lunch with friends, a group of us met up and played Killer Bunnies in the hotel lobby. There ended up not being a summit this devLINK, so we just hung out instead. Eventually, we moved on to the VIP dinner at Blue Orleans. It was great to discover that one of the guys I worked with in college – Travis Smith – was also speaking at devLINK – great chance to catch up with him. If there’s something this day showed me, it’s that Chattanooga has food places to find and enjoy and that this week will involve good times with friends.

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