devLINK 2011 Recap – Sadukie’s Tales, Part 2

After spending time with friends yesterday, I needed to take the morning off to catch up on my talks.  After reading my abstracts, I realized that my first presentation wasn’t setup right – it was more setup for a .NET developer user group and not purely intro level.  I reworked that talk to be purely intro level, in hopes that it’d be well-received.  I ran through both talks to make sure that they’d be fine for Thursday morning.  After catching lunch with one of my friends named Jeff, I made my way to the convention center.

Now I noticed on the devLINK site that there was something about the FREE Electric Shuttle through downtown.  Riding it reminded me of my days of riding the local buses here in Cleveland long ago.  It was nice to walk right across the driveway to catch the shuttle and take it to the convention center.

Once at the convention center, I figured out the lay of the land, visited with some of the sponsors including checking out the ComponentOne booth, and headed into a couple sessions.  The first session I caught was “Making (More) Money with Phone 7” by Russell Fustino of GrapeCity.  I enjoyed seeing some tips and tricks for marketing apps on the Windows Phone marketplace – including tips for trial apps, globalization, and other ways to get your app noticed. I was really excited to see the  Runtime Intelligence Service instrumentation in action – some of my friends are at PreEmptive Solutions, which is around the corner from me in Cleveland. The second session I caught was “Managing the mentoring process”, facilitated by Randy Walker.  It was a great discussion with those attending the session on mentoring versus teaching versus managing and what our experiences have taught us.  I really enjoyed this discussion.

At the end of the day, a group of friends stopped for dinner before catching some of the attendee party at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel.  We ended up at Urban Stack – which specializes in burgers.  The Italian burger with sweet potato fries was messy, yet delicious.   Afterwards, I spent some time winding down by playing games with some of my friends.  Overall, it’s been a fun experience so far.


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