devLINK 2011 Recap – Sadukie’s Tales, Part 3

Standing room only at 8am… what a way to wake up!  Thanks to all of you who attended my “Develop IT – Intro to PowerShell” talk at 8am.  It was great to share my love of PowerShell and how to get started with those who wanted to learn more.  We started at the basics and then looked at some PowerShell building blocks.  My second session was less attended, but those who were there asked questions that showed they were interested.  We looked at script versus binary versus manifest versus dynamic modules.  Code samples were written in both C# and PowerShell.  Thanks to all of you who attended, and especially thanks to those who left feedback.  I’ve read through the feedback and look forward to expanding on these talks.  As I mentioned, there are some great resources for working with PowerShell:

The music video that I kicked off both sessions with was Highway to PowerShell – Part IV – A New Hope, as performed by Sean Kearney, a.k.a. energizedtech on Twitter:

In the afternoon, I caught my friend Michael Eaton‘s “Going Independent” talks.  Since I’m just starting out on my own with Cleveland Tech Consulting, LLC, I wanted to hear it from him and others as to what are some things I may need to account for.  While I may have talked with some of my friends who are company owners and independent consultants, I still wanted to see what I may have missed.  I learned a lot about myself and my decisions for going forward, including trusting my instinct and not being afraid to walk away if something doesn’t seem right.

Since I left the hotel in a hurry that morning, I needed to take the evening off to bounce back from my rushed morning.  I caught dinner with a group of friends – including Jeff x 3 (Jeff Blankenburg, Jeff Fansler, and Jeff McWherter) and a few others – at The Terminal Brewhouse.  Pizza π Rolls and Mr. Frog’s Super Happy Fun Journey are both very tasty appetizers.

It was also great that Jeff McWherter brought some of his Gravity Works Design & Development employees with him to devLINK.  I really enjoyed hanging out with them!

After dinner, I spent some of the evening hanging out with friends and the rest just resting.  It’s been a great event so far, and I’m already eager to see what devLINK 2012 will have in store for us!


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