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I just noticed today’s date, and I’ve had my Windows Phone for about a year.  Has it been a year already?!?  Time flies when you have a phone that you like (and I truly like my Samsung Focus)!  But have you, as a developer, found yourself with a smart phone and a need for a particular app but couldn’t find the right app?  That’s an opportunity to build your own app!

The [Your App Here] Campaign

Yesterday, I received an email from Microsoft about their [Your App Here] advertising campaign program.  They’re looking for the next wave of great apps for Mango (Windows Phone 7.5) phones.  Unfortunately, this program is limited to developers in the United States.

The email mentions two campaigns – January and February – with respective submission deadlines of 11/16 and 12/22.  By submitting your app, you are entering for a chance to win placement in a digital Windows Phone campaign, with banner ads and up to a million impressions through the MSN Network.  The app will also be featured at the Windows Phone marketplace.

So that app you’ve been thinking about… maybe it’s time to build it and get others using it as well!  For more details, see The [Your App Here] Campaign site.

Windows Phone Camp Hands On Accelerator Lab

What better way to work on your Windows Phone app than to check out the Windows Phone Camp Hands On Accelerator Labs that Microsoft is hosting in various cities throughout the country?  Next week, Tuesday (11/15) through Thursday (11/17), Microsoft is hosting a 3-day camp in Columbus, OH to help you get your apps out to the Windows Phone market.  Whether you’ve got a totally new app idea or maybe have an Android, iPhone, or BlackBerry app that you want to see on Windows Phone, this can be a great opportunity to work with Microsoft resources on how to get your app built and out to the Windows Phone Marketplace.  For more details on the Columbus Windows Phone Camp Hands On Accelerator Lab, click here.

31 Days of Mango

My friend Jeff Blankenburg is a Developer Evangelist over at Microsoft who’s been passionate about Windows Phone for quite awhile.  He wrote a “31 Days of Windows Phone” series awhile back, and now he’s publishing his new series – 31 Days of Mango.  If you aren’t familiar with some of the new features in Windows Phone 7.5, then you really should check this series out.  I really like that these articles have pictures to go along with the descriptions, so that as the reader, we have some context as to what we should be seeing if we’re following along with the blog post.  There are plenty of resources in this series for working with Mango – to date, including emulator tools, reminders, motion, contacts API, and the calendar API. For more details, you can check this out at

Other Resources

There are plenty of resources for getting started with Windows Phone.  In addition to those above, you can always check out  With all of these resources at your fingertips and the need for an app on your Windows Phone, what are you waiting for?  Start your app today!


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