Today, techies throughout the world are celebrating the awesomeness of PowerShell with International PowerShell User Group Day.  Some people are quick to dismiss it as an IT admin tool, but there are other people besides sysadmins who use PowerShell.  I can think of a SharePoint guy, a few SQL Server guys, and yes, even developers, who have embraced the power of PowerShell.

PowerShell Community Groups

There are user groups throughout the world to celebrate discoveries and share scripts done in PowerShell.  Yes, I did say “throughout the world”.  Let’s take a look at the list at  Besides the US, I see groups in Denmark, Egypt, UK, Norway, India, and Singapore.  For those who do not have a user group close, there’s even a Virtual Group!

Sponsors of Today’s Celebration

Today’s celebration of PowerShell user groups has been talked about throughout the PowerShell community.  They’ve even gotten some familiar faces in the community to sponsor the day.  So let’s thank these companies for helping make today a success:

Special Meetings

There are special meetings today for user groups to tune into presentations by PowerShell MVP/author/columnist Don Jones, Microsoft’s Hey Scripting Guy! Ed Wilson, and many others.  Special thanks to Interface Technical Training for providing the Remote Live platform for delivering this talk.   The meetings themselves will be broadcast at:

  • 1st broadcast – 12:00 PDT (19:00 Zulu)
  • 2nd broadcast – 15:00 PDT (22:00 Zulu)
  • 3rd broadcast – 18:00 PDT (01:00 Zulu)

To catch these presentations, check out your local PowerShell user group.

Happy International PowerShell User Group Day!

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