As some of you know, I’m one of the many people behind the various Stir Trek social media accounts.  Recently, I was asked to set up a Google+ Page for the event, and I figured… “I’ve set up Pages on Facebook before.  How painful could it be with Google+?”

Creating a Google+ Page

After seeing the Google+ Pages section off to the bottom right, I clicked that “Create a Google+ page” link.  Choosing a category was difficult… was I creating a page for the Stir Trek brand? The Stir Trek organization? When in doubt, go with “Other”.

After creating the page, I needed to customize the public profile.  This is where things got tricky.  If you haven’t seen it, the Stir Trek logo is rectangular:



However, Google+ wants a square.  Google+ – It’s no longer hip to be square.  I really wanted to capture both the name and the Avengers “A” (as this year’s movie is The Avengers).  I ended up settling with just the “A”.

All My Life’s a Circle

All these geometric shapes but not a rectangle!  My next idea was to set up circles for the organizers and this year’s speakers.  So I went about creating circles much like I did for my personal Google+ account.  With the circles created, I was ready to add people to them.



Really?  Hmm… I had tried adding organizers first but nothing worked.  I started following the Stir Trek page on my personal account and then tried adding myself to the Organizers circle.  That worked.  But adding anyone who hasn’t added me didn’t work.  Time to invite others to follow the Stir Trek page so that I can come back here and add them to my circles.  Well so much for getting people in their circles before telling people about the page.

A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words

The one thing that seemed quite intuitive and easy to work with was the Photos section of the Page.  I was able to create albums for past Stir Trek events and upload pictures without any problems.  So if you want to see things such as the theater posters that our sponsors had designed for last year’s event or even the picture of transporting 50 dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, you can check them out in the Stir Trek Google+ Page’s Photos gallery.

A Mostly Frustrating User Experience = Unhappy User

These experiences are just some of the headaches I’ve had with Google+.  It probably doesn’t help that I really haven’t adopted the Google+ platform personally – while people claimed that it would replace Facebook, I’m finding Facebook slightly less painful to use.  However, because we have it set up, I will periodically post updates to the Stir Trek Google+ page and hope that my Google+ experience turns more positive.

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