As I was writing this post, I was debating whether to include those exclamation points, but when I’m writing in ALL CAPS, I’m probably very angry and am using ALL CAPS and exaggerated punctuation to help get that point across.  So far, I’ve found 2 of Microsoft’s products to be great at yelling at the end users by using ALL CAPS for their menus adhering to Metro design standards of using ALL CAPS… oh, I don’t know what they were thinking when they went that route.  Thankfully, there are other people like me out there who realize how irritating and offensive ALL CAPS can be, so I wanted to share my findings with you, in case you too get ANGRY from looking at these menus.

Visual Studio 2012

Out of the box, Visual Studio 2012’s menus are showing in ALL CAPS.  However, with a simple registry hack, you too can disable this “feature” and get the menus to look somewhat normal.  For more details on that, check out Richard Banks’ post – “How to Prevent Visual Studio 2012 ALL CAPS Menus!

Office 2013

I am still looking for a registry hack for this.  However, sadly, the ALL CAPS menus were the first things I noticed when I opened an Office 2013 app.

Other Thoughts

While looking up registry hacks and other ways of disabling this annoying feature, it dawned on me that maybe this experience looks great on tablets.  However, for those of us who use laptops and desktops, this UX is definitely a tragic UX decision.  Perhaps Microsoft should come out with “Tablet Edition” versus “Desktop Edition” or maybe a simple check box to enable ALL CAPS since Windows tablets are still the minority for these products’ target platforms.  But to use ALL CAPS by default and hope your primary end users are tablets is a bit premature.  Just my 2 cents…


  1. Tab names beginning or ending with a space are not capitalized. So renaming every tab by adding a space does the trick. Not the cleanest fix, but it does the job.

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