For quite awhile now, I’ve heard people talking about BabySmash! with all sorts of awesomeness.  But I didn’t realize just how awesome it could be until we installed it here for Logan.

Our Setup

We have our media PC hooked up to our TV so that we can watch our videos on the TV, running a version of Windows 7.

We purchased a silicone keyboard (< $15) so that Logan would have a keyboard to play with and drool over (and spare our laptops).

Logan’s Experience

My son is now 6 months old, and smashing is definitely a part of his repetoire of actions.



Unfortunately, though, eating seems to be more common.

BabySmash... er.. BabyEat?

Either way, he likes hearing the giggles and seeing the program in action on the TV!

BabySmash on TV
Our media computer now has BabySmash installed!



If you have a little one who wants to play on your computer, BabySmash! is a great way to make smashing and banging an even more enjoyable experience!

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