The past couple months have been crazy, between wrapping up things for the year at one of my clients and the overall craziness of parenthood, that I forgot to mention – I’m presenting on PowerShell 3.0 this weekend at Central Ohio Day of .NET (CODODN) in Columbus!

What I love about this conference is that it’s purely technical, no soft skills.  If you want a great soft skills conference in the area, check out Kalamazoo X.  However, if you’re looking for super affordable .NET training, CODODN is a great opportunity!  The speakers include published authors, MVPs, Microsofties, and those who are active in the community.  The content is all over the board – including web (HTML5, ASP.NET, JS), cloud (Azure), desktop (Windows 8, XAML), overall (BDD, application security, deployment strategies), embedded (Gadgeteering), and backend (MSMQ, VMs, PowerShell).

Tickets are free or $10.  If you don’t mind giving your email and name to sponsors, then get a free ticket.  Otherwise, if you don’t want to give your email and name to sponsors, pay $10 for the ticket.  Either way, those prices make those tickets a steal – especially if you consider the content and the speakers.

If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet, (updated 12/4/2012 9:40pm) it looks like you may be missing this awesome conference, as tickets are SOLD OUT!

Hope to see you there!

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