Upcoming Speaking Engagements – November 2013

As I am slowing down here for the holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas are big for my family, I foolishly thought I had a slow November. I’m supposed to slow down a bit around the holidays, right?  In addition to helping Sam Nasr by watching his user group on November 19, I also have a few presentations this month.  This is what my month looks like in terms of presentations.

Kent State Ashtabula AITP – November Meeting – November 13th, 2013

Topic: IT Environment Discussion and Intro to PowerShell

This year, the Kent State Ashtabula AITP chapter is working with a theme on working in the varied IT environments.  With my varied background – IT (desktop support, lab support) for a university, tech support for an ISP, IT (desktop support/database administration/PBX maintenance/system maintenance/programming) for manufacturing, software development for a media company, and now an independent consultant facing various industries – I look forward to talking with the chapter about the various roles IT serves as well as how they differ from company to company.  Having friends in smaller and larger companies, I can also share some of their stories as well.  For the second half of this meeting, we’ll be talking about PowerShell, what it can be used for, and how they can benefit from it.

DogFood Conference – November 22, 2013

Topics: Office 365 Administration with PowerShell, A Lap around PowerShell 4.0

For the past few years, I’ve been meaning to get down to Columbus for Dog Food Conference.  No, Purina is not a sponsor.  No, I don’t think I get any Snausages or Kibbles’n’Bits.  Not that “dog food”! 🙂

Dog Food Conference is about the technology concept “dog fooding” – where you not only talk about technology but you’re also likely using said technology.  Speakers include various industry members, Microsoft employees, Microsoft MVPs, and other community members.  I will be speaking first on Office 365 Administration with PowerShell at 9:50am.  Later in the afternoon, at around 2:10pm,  I will be taking people on a tour of PowerShell 4.0.

I have given my Office 365 Administration talk before for Simplex-IT.  As time has gone on, I’ve really started working with Office 365 a bit more, and I’ve even moved a few of my email addresses to Office 365.  For me personally, I deal with a few users and could easily get away with the GUI.  However, for some of the guys I work with, they deal with dozens upon hundreds upon thousands of users, so scripting these just makes sense, and PowerShell is the way to go.

The PowerShell 4.0 talk is a new talk, as PowerShell 4.0 has only been out a short time.  If you are interested in getting it, you can download it as part of the Windows Management Framework 4.0 download.  If you want to know what’s cool about it, come to my talk.  But if you can’t come to my talk, stay tuned to this blog, as I’ll blog about it afterwards.

Avon High School Tech Crew – Women in Tech Discussion – November 26, 2013

Topic: Women and Diversity in Tech

Thanks to Scott Seighman, my main Java resource here in the Cleveland area, I will be speaking at Avon High School’s Tech Crew on women in tech and probably diversity in tech in general.  I’m extremely excited about this opportunity since I will be talking with a much younger audience than I normally deal with.  I’m excited to be talking with our future and find their insights as well as share my insights having been in the field for over a decade.

Working Women Connection – Cleveland Tech Consulting presentation – November 27, 2013

Topic: Using Tech to Help with the Holidays

Working Women Connection is a women’s business networking group that I joined back in June.  We get opportunities to present our business and what we’re about at our chapter meetings, and I volunteered to speak on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  Last time, I spoke about what my company does – being an independent consultant who can focus on software development, computer training, and even just general making technology more approachable.  This time around, I’m going to take a “making technology more approachable” twist and show them how you can use technology to make gifts for the holidays.  Whether it’s making coupon books, printing holiday cards and address labels, or even using something like Shutterfly to make photo goods.  I’ll have my photo books, magnets, mug, and other Shutterfly goodies with me, so that they’ll be able to see what can be done and just how simple it can be done – yes, someone like me who is far from crafty can make this happen.

Want me to speak?  Let me know!

While I have a busy November, it looks like December and January may slow down a bit.  Other than Christmas and CodeMash, those months are open.  I like presenting within a 2-hour commute radius from Cleveland, but I’m also willing to do virtual presentations.

How are things after January? What does 2014 look like?

In case you want to get me to speak after January 2014, here’s what’s coming up on my tech community calendar (that I know of at the moment):

  • February 8 – SQL Saturday Cleveland – I’m helping organize this.
  • March (early) – PowerShell Saturday Detroit/Toledo – I’m helping organize this as well.
  • March (late) – Working Women Connection Office & Tablet Technology Event – I’m helping organize this as well.
  • April (early) – Stir Trek – I’m on the board for this and am going to help as much as possible.

If you want me to speak in 2014, please drop me an email and we can compare dates to see how we can make the presentation happen!

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