The Quiet of the Blog….

Yikes… it’s been over two months since I’ve blogged!  Besides the holidays, there’s been a lot going on here that’s kept me away.  So what’s going on?

Get-ChildItem, Take 2

Little Dutkiewicz #2 is due at the beginning of May!  So I’ve been spending a lot of time offline getting ready for his arrival.

Conference and Event Planning

After CodeMash happened, I’ve been heads down in event planning.  These are some of the events that came up.

SQL Saturday #241 – Cleveland – February 8

From everything I’ve heard, it was a successful event!  SQL Saturday was held at Hyland Software, with pre-cons at Hyland and at the Microsoft office in Independence.  You can see the whole line-up here:

Unfortunately, I had an emergency keep me away.  However, it was great to follow the #SQLSat241 stream and see everyone enjoying the event.

PowerShell Saturday 009 – Cancelled

Working with two other primary organizers and a few other organizers, we were planning on doing a PowerShell Saturday in March in Toledo.  Unfortunately, there were some scheduling issues that came up, so this event is cancelled.

UXPA Cleveland – Introduction to Test Driven Development (For Developers and Non-Developers)

My friend Laura reached out to me to see if I could give a presentation for the UXPA Cleveland chapter.  I’m excited to be speaking on the concepts and tools of TDD this coming Thursday, February 27th.  I’m even more excited that I’ll be speaking at OverDrive’s new campus.  I left OverDrive before the new campus opened, but from the stories I hear and the pictures I’ve seen, it’s a great place to check out!  Want to know more about the event? Check out the UXPA Cleveland website!

Private speaking engagement for a local company

My friend Pieri of PC Computing passed on an opportunity to speak at a client near their International Women’s Day event.  I will be speaking at a breakfast with some of their female employees on taking advantage of technology to make life management a bit more efficient.  By becoming more efficient, this will hopefully inspire them to use their freed up time to help themselves more!

Women and Technology Seminar

Pieri and I are teaming up to help promote three chapters of professional women’s organizations down in the Medina area – the American Association of University Women, the International Association of Administrative Professionals, and Working Women Connection.  (Disclaimer: I am a member of the Working Women Connection Cleveland East chapter.)  We’re teaching women about Windows 8 and some tips & tricks for iPads and Surface tablets.  Our event is Saturday, March 29th at the University of Akron: Medina County University Center.  If you’re interested in learning more about those groups or topics, please check out our event on Eventbrite.

Stir Trek: Winter Soldier Edition

Once again, the Stir Trek board is planning for a super awesome Stir Trek conference.  This year’s event is Friday, April 4th – opening day of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  We’re holding this at a new location – the Rave Motion Pictures theater at Polaris.  While we enjoyed our experiences at Marcus Crosswoods in the past, their comfy new seats unfortunately would’ve made us cut the number of attendees at the conference, and we couldn’t do that!  Tickets have gone up to $75.00, which covers:

  • Conference admission – with over 40 sessions of technical and career-related content
  • Well-known local, regional, and international speakers
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Attendee T-shirt
  • Private screening of the movement and refreshments during the movie

For those familiar with the event, we’ve also done away with the +1 registration option.  If you need a +1 registration, you’ll be able to purchase those from the theater directly.  As in the past, registration is handled via Eventbrite.  Hope to see you there!

What happened to WiT Wednesdays?  Will you pick those back up?

While I really wanted to run with that idea and even had great ideas for it, I just haven’t had time to get all of the posts written out or interviews done.  Basically, life happened and WiT Wednesdays have been back-burnered.  They may return but not with the frequency that I had hoped.

So this little guy in the making… he’s not letting you slow down, is he?

The overachiever in me isn’t letting me slow down.  I’m going to continue to speak and organize events as long as I can, and then once he’s here, I hope to be back at it again within a few months.  I’m not ready to put my career on hold – I’ve got things to do. 🙂  So stay tuned for more events on where you can find me in action!

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