Looking Forward as the Coding Geekette

In the last post, I mentioned that it’s been busy.  So a quick update on some of those things…

Conference and Event Planning

UXPA Cleveland – Introduction to Test Driven Development

This talk was given at the end of February.  It was well-received, and it’s a talk I’d love to give again.

[slideshare id=31743982&doc=introductiontotestdrivendevelopment-140227203520-phpapp01]

Private speaking engagement

I had the privilege to speak at a local manufacturing firm for their International Women’s Day event.  It was great to talk about using technology to become more efficient.  I was able to recommend apps and provide real-world situations for how these apps can improve their day-to-day lives.  This talk reminded me of how much I love bringing tech to the non-techies.

Women and Technology Seminar

This event was well-received as well.  It was great chatting with ladies about tablets and Windows 8 and how they could get ahead.

Stir Trek

Another successful event is in the books!  If you have any feedback you’d like passed on to the board, feel free to email me at sarah at this domain and I’ll pass it on.  Mark your calendars – next year’s event is on May 1, 2015!

We didn’t see you at Stir Trek…

There had been talks throughout my pregnancy of going early, and I didn’t want to take any risks of going into labor while down at Stir Trek.  Little Dutkiewicz #2 – also known as Sir Squirmy II or Owen – was born on April 16.

Little Dutkiewicz #2, cuddled up to Mama
Little Dutkiewicz #2, cuddled up to Mama

Going Forward…

I’ve been on a maternity leave break since he was born.  However, I’m also ramping back up on work, as it’s something I have to do.  If you need any help in the web development arena, feel free to drop me a line.

I am on an active conference planning committee.  In fact, our call for speakers for Dog Food Conference 2014 should be open soon.  I would love to see more people there!

I am getting back into attending user groups.  This Wednesday, Ohio North SQL Server User Group is having a gathering where we can propose questions to the group and get answers from each other.  It’ll be nice to see the community talking.

Also, Cleveland GiveCamp is still accepting requests from non-profits and is now taking volunteer registrations.  July 18-20, I hope to see you at Cleveland GiveCamp!  I’m not sure what role they’ll commit me to, but I’m hoping for Team Floater again, as it was great to be a firefighter throughout the event.

As for blog posts… stay tuned, as I will hopefully resume blogging a bit more frequently!

Look out world… the Coding Geekette is back!

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