More waxing nostalgic… old school HTML (LOL!)

More waxing nostalgic… old school HTML (LOL!)

My work with the apprentices this time is triggering a lot of waxing nostalgic.  I’m still uncertain as to why.  However, I am laughing up a storm here at the examples I came up with in my HTML (with frames, tables, Perl CGI Scripts, Macromedia Flash, and Macromedia Director work) and JavaScript/VBScript/Java courses back in college – yes… long ago.  You’ll notice that one of the last updated dates is 2001.

All of these screenshots remind me of why I am not a designer – DodgerBlue and LemonChiffon really look hideous together.  Add to it that I did things I shouldn’t do, but I was bored out of my mind and needed to stretch my engineering creativity as much as I could.  If you click on the smaller images, you’ll be able to see the full image.  Enjoy!





Oh god! Check out those frames.  But wait… this train wreck is far from over.

Yes, I was that bored.  No, this is just an image – you can’t view the source of that.

This was an imagemap.  I loved watching these guys when I was growing up, so I couldn’t resist them for my project.

Forms! No CAPTCHA back then… but check out that AWESOME Submit button! *facepalm*

And my final project… apparently I thought a pizza shop was a great way to showcase all of my HTML, JavaScript, and Java knowledge.  Check out that last updated date!


Like I tell people even to this day, I am definitely not a designer.  When you leave the design up to me, I can’t guarantee anything visually pleasing.  Thankfully, though, if a designer gives me a layout, I can splice my images and create CSS from an image very easily.  I was given those chops, just not the ability to come up with designs from scratch.

Hope you guys got good laughs from this!




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