While on social media this week, I came across this:

Talented employees stay because they’re:

1. paid well
2. mentored
3. challenged
4. promoted
5. involved in decisions
6. appreciated
7. heard

These points are so true.  I’ve found in my past that when I feel all of those, I tend to stay at a company.  However, if I find myself more on the negative side of those, you can guarantee I’m peeking at the field to see what’s out there and whether it’s the right time.  For some reason, 4 years seems to be the mark where I jump.  This year marks 4 years of being independent, and I think this is the first 4 year job anniversary in awhile where I’m not leaving my main employer.  I like working for myself, even when the times are really tough.

Why I Couldn’t Be Retained

I didn’t realize just how important these things were to me until I saw this post fly by on Twitter.  While cleaning my work space at home yesterday, I also managed to find my official list of reasons why I left a previous employer, and many of those reasons are the negatives of the ones above.  It looks like I left my past employers because…

  • Not being heard, despite being recognized by my peers as one to listen to
  • Placing higher value of people based on length of service to a company rather than by actual level of skill
  • Not being able to utilize my skills to the best of my abilities
  • Health issues that stemmed from the environment I worked in
  • Same problems over and over, lacking challenges
  • No support or very difficult environment for training and mentoring
  • Empty promises that showed no hope of becoming true

What Keeps Me Happy

Talking with friends at lunch this past Monday made me realize what is important to me in the work world.  For me, it’s not about the money.  It’s truly about solving problems for people and causes that I care about.  It’s about making a difference in the world.  It’s about working with people that I jive well.  It’s about this thing that continues to drive me – passion for technology and people.

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