While dealing with my apprentices this week, one of them asked me about my early days of learning languages and if I had any of my examples.  Funny thing is that I knew where my code from my college days lived – I mocked a lot of my work in this past post.  I shared my code with this apprentice, and oh the mocking and laughing!

While we were comparing stories of how we ended up getting into programming and talking of old code, I was determined to get that applet from my final project working.   So I fired up NetBeans, copied the code in, restructured files to match the old code, and after debugging a few things, I got it working.

There’s even more proof that I am not a designer and not even a pizza maker:

pizza-applet-1 pizza-applet-2pizza-applet-3


Those represent:

1. Pizza crust
2. Pizza crust with cheese
3. Pizza crust with cheese and pepperoni

Fun times!

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