Coding 101 on TWiT!

One of my college friends – the ever-so-awesome code warrior Lou Maresca – mentioned that he is a cohost (with Robert Ballecer, SJ- the Digital Jesuit also known as Padre) on a netshow called Coding 101 over on TWiT.  Now I have to admit it … up until this point, I really hadn’t heard much about TWiT, let alone shows.  Anyhow, Lou asked if I would appear on one of their wildcard episodes, and I figured why not!

So I did some research before the show to see what I was getting myself into.

What is Coding 101 all about?

From what I can tell….

Basically… this is my cup of tea!

So… what is TWiT and Coding 101 about?

Well, first of all, we did a live recording on September 21.  I hadn’t realized just what all that entailed on the TWiT side of things.  They have a studio that’s live recording all the time, complete with an IRC chat channel of a lively bunch of people.

The best description of what they do is on their site: What is

I’m not going to lie – the first time I logged into the live site, waiting to go live, I had a fan girl moment while talking with Lou.  I had done research on Coding 101 but not enough on TWiT to know that it’s Leo Laporte’s baby.  I had no idea that our live session was following his segment.  I nearly lost it – the “OMG! That’s Leo Laporte! That’s the guy from Screensavers on TechTV when I was much younger!  Wait… we’re following him?!?” moment. *facepalm*

So anyhow… we were recording live on September 21.  I was nervous, as this was the largest Internet recording – podcast or netshow – that I had done, and I hadn’t worked with such a big crew before.  At one point, one of the TWiT crew had said something to me about moving my microphone, and that was the oddest experience ever – having someone else’s voice in my head besides the voices of the show really messed with me. Did I really hear that?  Was there a guy’s voice talking to me to ask me to adjust my mic?!?

Overall, how was the recording live experience?

Introverted me was terrified going into this, but Padre and Lou are awesome hosts who keep things moving along conversationally, which put me at ease a ton!  The chat channel was great too – very much an interactive bunch.

From the feedback I’m seeing so far, I look forward to returning and probably speaking on PowerShell!

So… where is your wildcard episode?  How can we see it?

Check it out: Coding 10184 – Wildcard with Sarah Dutkiewicz

What’s Your Motivation?

This week, I returned to the office, back to mentoring apprentices who want to learn software development as a career change.  I love my job in that…

  • No two days are the same.
  • No two groups of apprentices are the same.
  • Each group presents a different set of challenges for me to figure out and conquer.
  • I get to help people who want to learn and watch them grow in this adventure.

One of the toughest parts that I see is that they get overwhelmed while writing code that they sometimes feel lost about who they are or where they are going.  That’s when I ask the important question of…

What’s Your Motivation?

I love asking this question and watching the gears turn.  For me, I have a constant reminder of my motivation – the background on my laptop is a picture of my family – my husband and me and our little geeklings.  I wake up every morning not only to be the best me I can be for myself, but I want to be the best wife and Mom that I can be, the best role model that I can be, the best partner-in-crime that I can be.  When I’m in a funk at work, I look at my background and my spirits perk up.

Something else that helps me – especially when my husband or I are on the road – is Skyping with my family.  Since modern technology allows us to video chat very easily, we make good use of it when needed.  While phone calls work in hearing each other, there’s something to be said about seeing each other.

When I know the day is purely hectic and that I’m away on travel, I make either “good morning” or “good night” videos for my family.  That way they know that even though my schedule is chaotic, I’m still thinking of them.

So my question to you… what’s your motivation?  What do you do when you feel like you’re losing steam?  How do you stay in touch with your source(s) of motivation?