Recruiters and Blind Emails

As I was catching up on email tonight, I noticed an email from a recruiter and had to read it.  Then I had to wipe my eyes and make sure I was reading this correctly:


Recruiters: Please, please, please research who you are sending these to before you send them. 

While I would normally have ignored the email and deleted it, I couldn’t.  I had to reply.  I warned him ahead of time that my resume isn’t suitable – not with my experience.  However, I work with some amazing apprentices at The Software Guild, with bootcamps graduating throughout the year, and I’m sure some of them would be interested in this position.

As much as I really wanted to delete this, I couldn’t.  My apprentices are on my mind a lot, especially when it comes to job placement – much like a great recruiter, I like matching my apprentices with the right contacts when the opportunity is right.  So we’ll see how this plays out.


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