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Yesterday was my last day with my September group of apprentices at the Software Guild.  We bonded fairly well throughout the cohort, and it was great to hang out with a group of them last night afterwards.  I woke up excited yesterday morning because we’re graduating this group of talented individuals who have worked hard and kicked butt throughout these past 13 weeks, learning C# or Java, as well as SQL and some front-end stuff (CSS/JS).  In past cohorts, I have had separation anxiety bite me on the last day, but yesterday, that didn’t happen.  There was something about these groups that made me more proud than nervous for them.

Some Parting Words of Advice

  • Once you get a feel for your job and new life, if you have time, take on side projects to keep your skills sharp.  Try to stay up on technology.  If you need ideas for side projects, come to any of us and we’ll be able to inspire you – either from personal inspiration or from others.
  • If you’re more social, then get involved in your local tech community.  If you aren’t sure where to start and are in the Cleveland area, check out Cleveland Tech Events – one of my sites!   If you’re in Akron, there’s – one of my friend’s sites!  Otherwise, check out this past blog post where I offer other ways to find community.
  • If you’re in the Cleveland area or in a neighboring state, don’t be surprised if I’m speaking at or organizing a conference or user group near you.  I haven’t talked about my community life much in the classroom, but know that I am in the community and may run into you there.
  • If you see me in the community, come say “hi” and follow up with me!  I love hearing from past apprentices, seeing what they’re up to, soliciting feedback on where we should be going, or even just catching up personally.  The storyteller and listener in me enjoys catching up – so please come say hi!


From “The Farewell Toast”, as covered by Brigid’s Cross:

May your joys be as deep as the ocean
And your troubles as light as its foam
And may you find sweet peace of mind
Wherever you may roam

Here’s to a wonderful group of apprentices who I was privileged to work with!  Look out world – here they come!

And if you’re interested in hiring entry-to-junior level C# or Java developers, join the hiring network at the Software Guild!  I work in-person with the group in Akron, and I sometimes deal with our Minneapolis and Louisville groups online.  Knowing the curriculum, contributing to the curriculum, knowing the other instructors – this is a solid program taught by individuals with a decade or more of experience and an undying passion for technology and education.  I am thankful for working with such an exuberant team!


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