Yesterday was a milestone day for me – I ended yet another cohort at The Software Guild.  This cohort, though, is more of a milestone for me because it was my first full 12-week coding bootcamp cohort as an instructor.  That’s right – I am back to work full-time, teaching at The Software Guild in their Akron, OH location.  I am proud of those who have graduated, and I look forward to their adventures ahead.

My next group starts in mid-September, and while I have a lot of work obligations to get done, I also will have a little more time to explore my own interests.  So what’s on my plate?  What are the adventures ahead?

Looking at .NET Core on Linux

I’ve been a fan of Microsoft’s technologies on non-Microsoft platforms for a long time now.  After all, I did speak about running IronPython on Linux back in 2009 at PyCon in Chicago.  Hearing so much about .NET Core from friends in the community, I am excited to see what’s going on with this cross-platform Microsoft stack.  Part of this will be playing with this on my own, and part of this exploration will be working with a friend on an application.  While I haven’t paired on an app for awhile, I’m both nervous and excited about this opportunity!

A Chance at my Geek Card – Dungeons & Dragons

Truth be told, I have never played Dungeons & Dragons.  Never, ever.  I watched people play briefly, and I didn’t think it’d be for me.  Mind you, I come from an RPG background – my addictions with Dragon Warrior, Chrono Trigger, Diablo II, Terraria… my many adventures in MMORPGs – Asheron’s Call, A Tale in the Desert, Horizons, EVE Online, World of Warcraft… so yeah, let’s forget that some of those games have D&D qualities and possibly rules and other influences in them.  D&D is not for me… or so I thought.  But some of my friends have talked me into giving it a try, so we’ll see how this goes.  I’m a little unnerved having to be the healer – I am used to being a hunter or warlock with a pet as a tank.  I’m used to all sorts of stories of mischief and mayhem – from getting into things I shouldn’t to causing all sorts of tales to unfold.  I can’t see the healer getting into mischief and mayhem, but we’ll see.  While I’ve fought the idea of playing D&D for a long time, I’ve now realized it’s time to quit fighting myself.  (That and these guys won’t let me back down now. 🙂 )

Catching up on Reading

Something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile is catch up on my reading. These are the books currently in my queue:

The first two books are nods to my interest in learning and education in general.  The more I read, the more I am curious about how to better teach lessons – whether it’s life lessons for my own children, my apprentices, my friends, or even myself.

The third book, though, is something that I swore I would never understand.  In college, I had to take courses that explained data structures and algorithms.  While they did a good job on theory, they didn’t really explain the practical part.  However, one of our later lectures in our cohort is on data structures and algorithms, and I had Victor cover that for my group as well, as I knew that data structures and algorithms were things he got excited about.  I didn’t realize just HOW excited he got until I saw his prep work and making notes on his lessons and seeing his examples.  His excitement is quite contagious, and when he showed me this book, I realized that there is hope for me to better explain algorithms to my apprentices without feeling like the theory from college killed my will to understand programming languages.

In addition to the above, I also need to continue unpacking and settling in our new house and putting together my home office.


Overall, I have a lot of things to get done over the next few weeks.  I definitely am looking forward to the adventures ahead!

One thought on “Adventures Ahead!

  1. I couldn’t be more proud of the groups that we just graduated. I never expected that we would see that kind of collaboration between a Java and .NET cohort like we did. They made it too easy to get through the days and those days passed by all too fast.

    Now onto .NET Core, D&D, GIT and more algorithms… possibly some sleep too…

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