Over the past few months, I:

  • moved my kids to a new daycare, full-time
  • took over a remote Software Guild cohort mid-stream
  • went house hunting much earlier than anticipated
  • helped the company my husband works for in moving to a new location
  • purchased another house
  • took a full-time instructor position with the Software Guild
  • started teaching my first Java cohort
  • moved to a new house
  • spoke at a user group in July

And now we’re in the process of listing our old house.  So to say I’ve been busy is an understatement for sure.  As I was going through this process, I kept mentioning to my husband that the day would come probably in August when it would all hit me and I would fall apart.  I knew it was coming rapidly when I woke up on Tuesday morning and firmly decided that I was taking Wednesday and Thursday as days to disconnect.  I mentioned to my boss that I was disconnecting, and he’s completely supportive.  While I could tell my co-workers were concerned, they too are supportive.  They all gave me the permission to disconnect, encouraging me to take the time for me.

Disconnecting with Distractions

Yesterday was tough – as much as I wanted to check on my friends on Slack, Twitter and Facebook… as much as I wanted to read my email…  I knew that I needed to disconnect.  I don’t rest well, as many can tell you.  Thankfully, I found distractions in unpacking boxes, catching lunch with my husband, and then taking on an idea for a small web project.  I also found a lot of distraction in Terraria – lots of fun with that.


Reconnecting with Words

Today, I decided that I couldn’t be completely disconnected and that I needed to get past distractions and face all of the overwhelming feelings that have hit me.  This morning was more focused on a personal meeting, but this afternoon is all about reflecting on the feelings and putting them into words.

I’m thankful that I moved – the commute from the Cleveland area down to Akron was really cutting into family time, which was taking its toll on me.  Becoming an instructor has been quite rewarding – it’s been something we’ve all wanted, and the timing just happened to be right finally.  The part that I really underestimated was the transition back to work full-time.  Thankfully, I was going to work full-time with co-workers I had already been working with for awhile in an environment that I was already familiar with.   However, I hadn’t realized how bonds would change from me working part-time to being there full-time and from developer mentor (teaching assistant) to instructor.  Parsing all of this information is definitely overwhelming.


If I seem a bit shattered, overwhelmed, and disconnected, it’s because I finally hit the “oh my goodness, what did I just go through?!?” realization and am slowly working out of that haze.  Thank you to those who have reached out to me in concern – I am getting past this and am looking forward to getting out of this chaos and back into the community.

One thought on “Overwhelming Past Few Months…

  1. Glad that you took some time for yourself. Like you, I have a lot of trouble disconnecting. Had to force myself into a staycation or risk going insane a few weeks ago. You got this teacher lady!

  2. I am so glad that you are getting the time to reflect and work through all the emotions generated by that list of life changes. You are definitely a HUGE asset to all of us here at The Software Guild, but more than that you are a precious friend to most of us as well. Don’t try to go it alone. We are all a family and we are here to support you! Just like you are always here for us. Get some rest and recovery!

  3. I Couldn’t have said it any better than Dave. The Guild has been life changing not only for the apprentices but for us too… Who would have thought we’d have such a great work family (stealing Dave’s word there)…

    Definitely don’t go it alone. I know I have had a roller coaster of emotions over the last year and I tend to internalize everything and it’s not good. It puts too much stress on yourself and you definitely have people here to listen, to help and to just be there when you need us. Rest, Relax and Recharge… We’re here when you need us.

  4. Moving and starting a new job are two of the most stressful events a person goes through in life. Having done those two things at the same time earlier this year, I think I can definitely relate to some of what you’ve just gone through!

    The good news is that time marches on and things almost always get easier/more comfortable in time. Meanwhile, you’ve definitely got a great support network of family, friends, co-workers, and beyond for those days when you need an ear 🙂

    Keep kicking butt!

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