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For the past 9 years, my dear friend Michael Eaton has been holding an amazing conference in Kalamazoo, MI called Kalamazoo X.  In 2018, he will be putting on the 10th Kalamazoo X conference.  And he has quite the line-up!

In 2009, I had the privilege to be invited to speak.  I had the speaking slot before lunch and took advantage of that.  It was great to inspire others to talk to other people and share stories, encouraging social media.  Not only did I speak, though, but I also paid attention to other talks going on and learned a lot that day!  Check out my 2009 Kalamazoo X recap!

While I haven’t been able to make it back – as April is my chaotic month between family obligations and some of my own conference/events planning – I cannot recommend this enough!

All Speakers are Invitation Only

Mike handpicks those who speak at his events.  Whether it’s someone in the local Kalamazoo scene or someone in our speaking circles who really stands out and shares a message he really wants delivered, Mike has a variety of speakers of all walks of life.  As he attends conferences, he takes recommendations from us as to who else he may want to look into besides the usual people.  However, it comes down to what Mike wants for his event.

Topics are Geared for All Sorts of People

The topics that appear apply to all sorts of people and not just tech.  They can apply to juniors, mid-levels, seniors, technical and non-technical.  Some of the topics they’ve covered include:

  • Self-Promotion
  • Branding
  • Empathy
  • Change
  • Neurodiversity
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Mental Health
  • Managing Expectations
  • Leadership
  • Geek Parenting
  • Culture
  • Mentoring

A little something for everyone!

Amazing Storytelling

Looking at past line-ups, one thing that all speakers have in common is that they’re storytellers.  They not only make a point, but they bring interesting stories to help illustrate their points.  They use empowering words while keeping it real.  They captivate, engage the audience, and make an impact whether it’s through introspection or an explicit call to action.  They motivate and are truly inspiring.

My Call to Action for You….

When I think about Kalamazoo X, the storytellers who’ve come and gone, and the lives it has impacted, it gets me feeling warm and fuzzy – in a “restoring faith in humanity” kind of way.  Go check out the Kalamazoo X site.  And if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation to be a better you in 2018, put “attend Kalamazoo X” at the top of your 2018 goals!


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