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Earlier in my Career

Much earlier in my career, I would take pay cuts to learn technologies.  I thought that was the way to do things.  Once I felt comfortable enough with a technology, I wanted to know enough to apply it but not enough to deep dive and harvest the returns as long as possible.  I knew early on that if I sat still too long, I would feel like I wasn’t learning as much and growing stale while technology evolved around me.  I would rather have taken a pay cut and learn new technologies than harvest returns and stay put.

Current Point in my Career

Having been in technology for about 15 years, knowing what I know, knowing that I have an immense skillset with an aptitude to learn new technologies fairly easily, I find that I am not as quick to take a pay cut for new technologies.  I learn new technologies as side projects so that if I want to work with them professionally, it’s an easier slide and less chance of a pay cut.  Now, if I had to learn a new technology for a gig (which I’ve done A LOT in my career), I am fine with that.  However, my employers and clients pay a certain rate for me, knowing that they’ll get a certain quality out of me.  If I feel like I cannot deliver the quality while learning new technology, I might lower the rate, but it depends on the impact overall.

Constantly Learning

Regardless of the earning part, I am always learning.  I am one who cannot stay put, sitting still, getting idle.  I need to always stay busy – whether it’s work or play.  So for me, if I have down time, I am playing with new technology, learning how things work.   What can I say? I find technology fun, and learning how to learn technologies early on has set me up for a good career path. 🙂

These are my experiences.  Yours may vary.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment below!

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