As I play with browsers, I’ve fallen for Internet Explorer 9.  It isn’t as much of a hassle to develop for anymore, finally choosing standards that seem to be close to what the other browsers use.  They’ve finally got tabbed browsing with removable tabs that can be re-added back in, much like Google Chrome.  As […]

While trying to find out more information on this Ginger Peach tea that my hubby picked up from the grocery store, I ran into this awful message on the Stash Tea website: At this time our website does not support the Chrome browser. We hope to be able to support the Chrome browser in the […]

  As I write more Silverlight code, I get more frustrated with its quirks. I love that StringFormat is included in Binding.  However, what I don’t understand and what I don’t like is that StringFormat doesn’t seem to respect the CurrentCulture.  Let’s say I have an app that’s tracking GiveCamp participation.  Let’s say that my […]