Over the past year, I’ve met some people who have been encouraged me into giving presentations and getting involved with the community. The more I talk with them and hang out with them, the more I want to really get back into presenting. Although I’ve been staying involved with the community the past few months, I haven’t been pushing to speak. But now I’m ready to really get back into it.

Cross-Platform? Why?

My presentation roots were started in the Linux community. I co-presented on SAMBA/SWAT – the networking protocol and its web administration tool – at the Toledo Area Linux Users Group. A month or so later, I was part of a team that presented our Java-based coffee vending machine at OOPSLA in Denver. We wrote it in a Windows environment since that was all we had at the time, but Java apps are fairly cross-platform. My last formal presentation at that time was on Squeak, a variation of Smalltalk, running on my Linux box at the time.

But you’re a Windows dev…

Just because I develop in one environment doesn’t mean that it’s the only one I’m familiar with. My Linux days started with Slackware and bounced through a variety of other distros – including Red Hat, Mandrake, Caldera, and Debian. Back in college, I had the joys of working with FreeBSD and OpenBSD. We still have a Linux box at home for one of our file servers – it is running Debian.

My primary operating system nowadays is Windows, but I still follow the Linux world as well.

So where’s your next presentation?

I’ve submitted a talk to Ohio Linux Fest, and I hope to submit talks to Ann Arbor Day of .NET and CodeMash. Also, I was stopped today on my way out of the BA SQL SIG, and there’s a chance that I will present for them as well.

Are you going to bring back IronPython?

Yes, I will eventually bring back my IronPython presentation. I need to work on it, and I hope to bring it out for Ann Arbor Day of .NET. After looking at the feedback from Cleveland Day of .NET, some things will change and more content will be added.

So what topics are you presenting on?

In addition to IronPython, I’m working on presentations on social networking for geeks and an overview of a SQL 2008 app that I’ve been putting together. The geocaching geekette in me looks forward to showing off the SQL 2008 app that I’ve had planned for awhile.

So stay tuned, as I will update my blog whenever I do find out that I’ve been accepted to speak at an event.

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