Zune Software + Zune HD Repeat = SUX

Why is it that I when I type “Zune Software” in my Title (as I write this post) I see a lot of SUX posts?  Really… this column wasn’t created with the Zune software in mind, but its inconsistencies and lacking features really keep bringing it into the SUX spotlight.

When I listen to my Zune HD at work, I find that I enjoy using its repeat features.  I like that I can replay the current playlist or even the current song.  Some days, I find myself in a mood for a certain track and want to loop it over and over and over again.  So repeating the current track makes sense to me.

I could also see this feature being used for example at a wedding.  One of my friends recently got married, and while waiting for the bridal party to come in, we had to loop on of those classical pieces.  We used our friend’s iPod to play the song (as he’s an Apple fanboy), but a Zune HD could’ve easily been in its place.

Now here’s where the Zune software and its inconsistencies come into play.  Today happened to be one of those days where I wanted to loop a song, and unfortunately, I found out that the Zune software doesn’t have this “loop current track” feature.  Now I know it’s a minor feature, but at the same time, I’m half-surprised not to see it there.  It would be nice if maybe the Zune HD peeps who work on the software on the device talked to the people who work on the software on the desktop – it would be great if they could put all of the features that are on the device also in the software on the desktop.  I’m just saying… from an end user point of view, consistency can be a great thing! 

By sadukie

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