Review of Domain-Driven Design Distilled

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you haven’t read anything on DDD and don’t understand the pieces and parts, don’t read this first. This isn’t a good book for introducing the concepts – see Domain-Driven Design by Eric Evans for the foundational information.

While I like it from its simplicity, understand that this shouldn’t be referred to for the first exposure to DDD topics. I feel like it gets high-level enough to paint the picture of concepts and tools, but it doesn’t provide enough depth to be foundational.

Once you get the foundation in, then DDD Distilled makes more sense on its purpose. This is a high-level overview – talking of strategic vs tactical design and including DDD terminology throughout those comparisons. From ubiquitous language and bounded contexts to aggregates and domain events, there are discussions of these DDD concepts with an example that a developer in a Scrum environment could relate to. In the end, he gives a list of tools that can be useful in getting started with DDD.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a super in-depth book. Implementing Domain-Driven Design is referred to throughout the book as a reminder of more specific implementations.

If you want a high-level supplement of understanding concepts and recommendations of tools, this could be good for that.

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