Feb 2015

Résumé Reviews

This week, I am working on résumé reviews for my apprentices.  It’s interesting, as they’re getting feedback with regards to content and layout.  I’m curious to see what others have to say. These are some of the things I usually advise: Put your skills in a section up top.  This section makes it easier to get […]

This week’s post is a departure from geekery in a nod to culture. 恭喜發財 (Gōngxǐ fācái) February 19 marked the start of a new year – the year of the Wood Sheep.  While we did not do anything super special to celebrate on Thursday, we were able to catch a Lion Dance today, despite the disastrous white snowpacolypse on the highways. […]


Feb 2015


I’m feeling extremely irritated today. Conference room squatters… and those of you who create calendar conflicts because you’re too busy to check the calendars you have access to… people who don’t know how to drive on highways with semis… people who don’t know how to merge on highways… One of my geek idols put it properly in […]

Today, my apprentices had the opportunity to listen to others talk about the various paths in the technical realm.  While I missed this discussion, the topic did make me reflect back on my own path. The path I took went like this: Programmer – hobbyist Editor – national student publication Internships – programming IT support in academia Tech support/management for […]


Jan 2015

Mixed Messages

This is something that’s been on my mind, and I’ve just got to get it written down. When I see these combinations together, I feel like I’m getting mixed messages: Non-discrimination policy and diversity scholarships Equal opportunity and minority-owned grants When I ask people about them, I hear the phrase “level the playing field”, which also makes me cringe. […]

Throughout my time at CodeMash, I found myself retreating to the speaker room to try to hide and preserve my voice.  At one point, I found myself talking with fellow speakers and conference organizers.  (Note: I’m in both roles – speaking at CodeMash and helping with speaker recruitment and selection for Stir Trek.)  When I […]