As I mentioned in my Ann Arbor Day of .NET 2008 recap, I was given a marker and was told to write down what people were saying during Brian Prince‘s “How to Be an Architect” talk. Is that really a good idea? We’ll let you decide…

First of all, an architect is… (Not the Office Space guy)

One of the things that Brian mentioned was ArcReady:

ArcReady, in a funky bubble

He mentioned that architects have one foot in the technology arena and one foot in the business aspect of things:

Feet in two spots - technology and business

He mentioned that they should not be architects of the ivory tower or that the tower would burn:

Burning ivory tower

He mentioned something about stalking out business on a golf course.

But he said that although architects should still write code, it shouldn’t be put into production.

He writes code?!

There also was some recommended reading:

The whiteboard in the end looked like this:

The end.

Side note: Have no fear. I’m not quitting my day job and going into whiteboard note taking. And by my drawings, I hope you guys realize that I’m a developer but nowhere near a designer.

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