When many people first meet me and see my last name, they become so intimidated. I can’t blame them, honestly. “Dutkiewicz” is a Polish last name that’s pronounced nothing like how it looks, which makes it very intimidating. But like I tell everyone who’s run up to my name, I’ve always had an easily mispronounced last name, and I’m actually fairly easy-going about it.

So, Sarah, how do you pronounce your last name?

I’m not going to break out the pronunciation guide with the schwas. Easiest way to learn the pronunciation:

Due – KAY – vitch

What are the other names that you go by?

It totally depends on who’s around. “Sarah D.”, “Sarah”, and “sadukie” are the easiest ways to address me.

Those first two names are easy to understand, but what’s “sadukie”?

On Twitter, I use one of my other nicknames – sadukie. It’s a nickname that my husband and I had gotten in college, and once we got married, I was able to carry the nickname on my own. The story about how it came to be is here.

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